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Since 2005 I've been learning, training and working in the motion picture production and new media industry. From Senior Videographer and producer for years at an award winning wedding cinema and photography company to feature documentary BCam and Sound Recordist; short film producer, director, writer and professional picture editor, I have worked on sets of over a hundred members all the way down to a man and his camera, on location, capturing a very special moment.

With an Advanced Diploma from Capilano University in North Vancouver and a Bachelors Degree of Film and Screen Media Production from Griffiths Film School in Brisbane Australia, I have the advantage of a strong foundation and wide breadth of motion picture knowledge to apply to every project I'm a part of.

While familiar with many shooting and post formats I'm a member of the HD DSLR revolution. Cost effective, mobile, with beautiful lenses and low-light capability Canon's line of EOS bodies are where I've discovered you get the most cinematic bang for your buck!

Let's talk about a competitive package that's right for your needs. There's a video for you, just waiting to be shot and I want to make it happen!

People I like and you should too!

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